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Crush City Cheats Cash and Coins Hack (Permanent Hack). This Hack teaches us how to get lots ofCash and Coins in a short time.

Crush City On Facebook. Match-3 as it has never been done. You are the last hope of humanity. Use your match-3 skills to rebuild the cities destroyed by the disaster. Avoid the blocks, collect power-ups and fuel and survive long enough to be able to realize your plans. Crush City gives you the opportunity to be a hero playing a game of match-3 high-speed, always different.

Crush City Cheats Cash-Coins Hack Tools :
  1. Charles Proxy
  2. Your Browser
Crush City Cheats Cash-Coins Hack Steps :
  1. Open Crush City game page
  2. Start Charles Proxy
  3. Find and set breackpoints
  4. In breackpoint
  5. click on AMF and Edit Response
  6. Set on color_bombs_booster_coins -999999 value
  7. Set on radius_bombs_booster_coins -99999 value
  8. Set on time_booster_coins -99999 value
  9. Set on star_bombs_booster_coins -999999 value
  10. Set on explode_helper_cost -99999 value
  11. Set on painter_helper_cost -99999 value
  12. Remove breakpoints and execute
  13. Now go in Crush City game page and click play
  14. Buy powerups and play match
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